Maui Remodeling: Cottage Makeover


Aloha Frank:
It must be hard to believe that, for the most part, you are finished with our guest house.  It looks wonderful.  Thank you for the photos of the last items.  I know Lynn never expected that when she moved back in to the cottage she would have the gem and show piece that she now has.  Of course, neither did we. Thank you for all of your excellent work.

If Lynn didn't thank you enough for helping her to resettle into the cottage, let me say how much we appreciate all you have done for her.  21 pictures on the walls!  coming back to install her washer!  and on and on.  She has every thing she ever asked for and so much more.  Thanks to you.  You are the only one we have had working on our places that she never complained one word about.  That is a record.  

When people ask us who did our guest cottage makeover, we will tell them that in addition to your skilled  work, (actually that is obvious), you are an excellent communicator and public relations expert.  You did the impossible: you kept us informed and satisfied us from the distance of  several thousand miles, and you met all the needs of our very nervous tenant.  We also have great respect for your integrity and  work ethic.

We look forward to thanking you in person.  We will be arriving in June and will give you a call.  Can hardly wait to see the guest cottage, and you.

Aloha and Mahalo from the bottom of our hearts,
Carol and Coreen


Maui Remodeling: Restoration and Repair

"My experience with Frank Visconti of Hawaii Home Make Over/Rot-O-Rooter Home Repairs was an excellent one. 

The type of project was a major restoration and repair of the rainy side of my home.  My entire deck had to be replaced due to the rotten wood on the rainy side of our home.  As the deck was being replaced and to prevent future rotten wood on the deck, we elected to have the entire deck tiled with porcelain tiles.  Frank also installed dens-glass and stucco on the entire rainy side of our home.  This dens-glass was painted to match our existing paint color exactly.  Vented soffits were installed around my entire home also.
In my opinion the workmanship was very good.  Frank is a perfectionist for everything he builds.  His sub contractors are also excellent in their trades.
The only problem encountered on our project was a lot of rain.  Frank also addressed this as he constructed a temporary rain wall to keep his work dry in order to continue working.  Once Frank Visconti and I signed our contract, he and his sub contractors were on the job from start to finish.  Frank Visconti has a way of working where he will stay on the project until it is completed.  He does not skip days on the project to work on other projects.
Upon completion of our project and my review of all completed work, I did not come up with any punch list items. 
I would highly recommend Frank Visconti of Hawaii Home Make Over/Rot-O-Rooter Repairs  to anyone requiring these types of projects."

George L. Reed Jr.

Maui Remodeling:  New Purchase Facelift

"It was a privilege to work with Frank Visconti and the other craftsmen he recommended for our projects.  We recently purchased a home in Kihei that needed a fair amount of work.  This work included carpentry, plumbing, debris removal and electrical work. Frank assessed our needs, coordinated the project, and set the wheels in motion.  Frank is an amazing professional with an acute eye for detail.  He is honest, fair and trustworthy. 

His rates are very reasonable. He promptly follows up on every issue, and I was comfortable that knowing that my house was in good hands whether I was on or off the island."

RANDY, Seattle, WA & Kihei, HI


Siding Replacement


To Whom it may concern:

I recently had Frank Visconti and Hawaiian Home Makeover re-flash several of my windows, as well as replace siding on my home in Maluhia Country Ranches. 


Frank and the crew were great to work with. He came out and took time to understand the issues that we were having, and together we worked out a satisfactory plan to make the repairs. Frank and his team came out when they said they would, made all the repairs they were supposed to, finished on-time, and did a great job. The bill was what he said it was going to be. Frank was also very good about pushing out photos of the progress of the job so that I could see how things were progressing when I couldn't be there. I would use them again.




Dr. Mark Skinner


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